Columbine Seeds

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Columbine goes by many names including aquilegia, crowfoot and granny’s bonnet. This unique flowering plant offers a stunningly colorful display no matter which variety you choose from. With dark green foliage preceding the delicate flowers, this plant adds interest as well as color. Coming in several shades including blues, white, reds violets, yellows and pinks, the bell shaped flowers make for a beautiful bouquet as well as a beloved, nectar rich stop for hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Blooming in spring and summer, they do well in full shade to full sun, meaning they can be enjoyed in almost any garden. Bear in mind these are self seeding, so avoid planting them where you don’t want them to spread. Deadheading will encourage new flowers to grow, providing a further abundance of beauty and color. Get your bulk columbine seeds for a mixture of beauty and utility. 

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