Four O'Clock Seeds

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Named for their timely blooms that open in the late afternoon, releasing a delightful fragrance from a variety of colorful flowers, Four O’Clocks are a tender perennial that grow best in cooler climates. Because they bloom later in the day, Four O’Clocks are ideally planted in pots and beds nearby patios or walkways to best take advantage of their desirable scent. Their tubular flowers often attract hummingbirds, amongst other pollinators, into your gardens.

Also referred to as “Marvel of Peru” because of their origins in South America, you can add this fragrant flower to your home’s garden in bulk by purchasing bulk Four O’Clock seeds from the Bulk Seed Store. You’ll find red, white, pink, and yellow varieties available in our online store, as well as a mixed variety available in sacks ranging from 1 pound up to 25 pounds.

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