Gilia Seeds

Buy Gilia Seeds in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

This unique flower, native to the Western United States, is offered in two varieties by Bulk Seed Store. The Bird’s Eye Gilia features a delightful lavender hued flower that is one of the best pollinator attractants that you can grow in your garden. The small flowers are fairly drought tolerant, thanks in part to their Californian-roots.

The Globe Gilia takes on a much different appearance than the Bird’s Eye, with a whimsical blossom that comes in shades of blue and appears as a spherical cluster atop stems that can reach up to 2 feet in height. Also known as Queen Anne’s Thimble, you can find Globe Gilia, as well as Bird’s Eye Gilia at the Bulk Seed Store, available in sacks from 25 pounds all the way down to 1 pound sacks. Stock up on your bulk Gilia seeds today for the upcoming growing season!

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