Godetia-Clarkia Seeds

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One of the best wildflowers to grow from seed, Godetia-Clarkia produces brilliantly colored pink-colored blooms that are a delight to add to any garden. Originating in the Pacific Northwest, the flowers were first discovered by Lewis & Clark during their expeditions, hence Clarkia in the flower’s name. As a pollinator attracting flower, Godetia-Clarkia make for excellent border plants to vegetable gardens, as well as a great companion planting for other flowers that thrive from cross-pollination.

The Farewell to Spring variety of Godetia-Clarkia  features bi-colored pink blossoms, and, true to their name, will begin to bloom in early summer and continue to produce stunning colored flowers all through the summer. Find the perfect variety for your garden at Bulk Seed Store, where you’ll find bulk Godetia-Clarkia in sacks from 1 pound up to 25 pounds in size.

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