Hollyhock Seeds

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A must have in every cottage garden; the hollyhock is an ideal biennial that is easy to grow and produces uniquely colored blooms. These flowers that come in colors like pink, white, red, and even “black” prefer the warmer weather of mid to late spring, and can grow to over 8 feet in height! Because of their tall and dense growth, hollyhocks are best planted along a wall or in the back of a garden to create a border. They are excellent pollinator attracting flowers, bringing welcome guests like hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies to your garden!

Whether you’re hoping to grow single mix Hollyhock, or the more showy Majorette Double Mix, the Bulk Seed Store has the hollyhock seeds you’ll need. You’ll find bulk hollyhock seeds in quantities ranging from 1-pound sacks up to 5-pound sacks. Get your hollyhock seeds now and watch the pollinators flock to your garden!

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