Impatiens (Balsam) Seeds

Buy Impatiens Balsam Seeds in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

One of the most ideal flowers to plant in shaded areas, impatiens are a long lasting annual that will produce showy, colorful blooms from the beginning of spring all the way through to the end of fall. Impatiens are just a small step up from being considered groundcover, as they only grow to 8 to 12 inches tall. Plant your impatien seeds in a shady spot with rich soil and enjoy their bursts of purple, white, and pink all growing season long.

The Bulk Seed Store is your one stop shop for impatien seeds. We carry Balsam seeds and Bush Mixed Impatiens in 1-pound sacks. This quantity of impatien seeds will be sure to add a burst of color to your home garden.

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