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Buy Vegetable Seeds in Bulk at Wholesale Prices. Become the vegetable gardener you have always wanted to be! With honest, good old-fashioned effort you can enjoy basketfuls of sun-ripened vegetables grown from your very own garden. Most vegetable seeds are annual, providing the gardener with new hopes and dreams of a bountiful harvest each year. Forego the supermarket produce section and plant an edible, GMO Free home garden, safe from widely used industrial pesticides. We have carefully selected our offering of tomato seeds, pepper seeds, squash and zucchini seeds, lettuce seeds, melon seeds, etc. whether they be everyday or hard to find varieties. Eat a warm tomato from the vine, bite into a fresh and cool homegrown cucumber and let your life be changed. Choose from our huge selection of over 500 different types of heirloom, organic, open-pollinated, hybrid, rare and hard to find vegetable seeds. A premier online supplier of Vegetable seeds, Eden Brothers offers 500+ Vegetable seeds on sale. Buy by the packet or in bulk!